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Taiwanese girl, C cup, She looks like the girl next door, but she is experienced to provide first-class services.


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  1. jethro751
    jethro751 says:

    Tina – some similarities to Jenny – excellent large natural boobs

    Person’s Name :Tina

    Establishment :Chatswood 350

    Month/Year of Visit :Nov 2022

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :350 Penshurst St, North Willoughby NSW 2068

    Phone :0410716666

    Hours of Business :10 am to late for 2 days per week

    Rates :$150 per hour

    Extras Cost :

    Services Provided This Session :LFK, side saddle, massage

    Age :30 plus

    Size/shape :160 cm solid build, strong legs nice shape, huge natural boobs, bit of excess tummy, nice face

    Nationality or Ethnicity :Chinese

    Value for money/recommend? :Yes very friendly and got very horny and enjoyed herself

    [FONT=Verdana]My experience/comments : I just called in Friday in the middle of the day and Tina was available so pay the dues and in we go and Tina only has limited English skills but enough.

    She was very friendly and seemed like a really nice person so we are hugging and I got some light kissing.

    I lay down and she was kissing my body and playing with my cock and said she only does covered blow jobs so as we are laying there I am playing with her pussy.

    Tina has very smooth skin and her pussy was very wet as I fingered her and she was clearly horny so given she wanted covered blowjob I just suggested fucking right away.

    I just wanted to get inside her because those tits are really very good and I can tell that her pussy is tight and wet so I suggested side saddle.

    So on with the dom and it took a moment to get inside her and it felt pretty good in there and I am slowly stroking away and she is gripping onto me just like Jenny.

    Tine seemed to be really loving this and she was massaging my balls as I slowly fucked her and she felt really good and her skin is so smooth.

    Tina was pretty horny and giving me compliments the whole time and after five minutes she is clamping onto me and bucking and cumming.

    She had a firm grip on me with those strong legs and I was enjoying feeling her huge natural boobs and she was curled up in a ball a couple of times as I fucked her lay down doggy.

    I was going side saddle for 30 minutes using different angles and sped up a few times and she would then cry out and grip onto me so some similarities to Jenny.

    This is all I felt like today and just wanted a slow sexy intimate session and every now and again I would kiss her as I fucked her.

    Towards the 30 minutes side saddle I needed to cum so I sped up and she was crying out and really gripping me and we both came.

    She said she came twice and then we washed up and she gave me a massage for the remainder.


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