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Coco is a very hot & energetic beauty , energetic & hot, hot, hot…, 100% praise


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  1. jethro751
    jethro751 says:

    Person’s Name : Coco

    Establishment : 350 Penshurst street Chatswood

    Date of Visit : 12/1/2021

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone :8065 1990

    Hours of Business : 10 am till late

    Rates : $150 per hour

    Age : 35 to 40?

    Size/shape : 162 cm some extra padding, nice face, b cup naturals, strong legs

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : DFK, side saddle, missionary legs open and closed.

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes was pretty good

    My experience/comments : Coco is a bit older than I expected but it turns out that she is a pretty good fuck and things got really wild.

    I walk in the room and close the door and Coco comes over for some DFK with tongue right off the bat and I am feeling like some celebrity or rick fuck who gets everything.

    (Shit, I am kind of rich) anyway, we are snogging like I am a returned soldier and have been away for some time, so now I know what that is like and this goes for some time.

    Meanwhile my cock is getting stroked and I am feeling up her very nice bum and I am very horny so into the shower and out quick smart and we are laying on the bed.

    The kissing is continuing and is just as good as before but now we are naked and I am too horny to wait any longer so on with the dom and while we are kissing laying side on I insert my cock.

    So now we are facing each other still kissing with some intensity and I am fucking her side on and only getting half way in so far as its side saddle but its pretty intense.

    This girl really likes me and I am very happy that she does and after a few moments of the side saddle I roll her over and am now on top making love to her and the kissing does not stop the whole session.

    She had me worked up and it was very sexy to make love to her slowly and then I went quite fast and I am being pulled into her and the kissing and crying out is really intense now.

    Holy fuck this chick is a full on sexy fuck doll and she just loved every bit of the session and I was going very fast and the crying out and the sweating and she has my bum pulling me in.

    Now Coco closes her legs and this is what a lot of these girls do to me and they absolutely love this closed legs missionary and her pussy feels very tight now and she is worked up.

    I am fucking fast and then slow and then fast and shit it was very intense the way she was reacting and this went on for some time as I was enjoying it and seeing her get off big time.

    I was just soaked in sweat and I hammered her stupid and the kissing is DFK with tongue sucking each way and I came a shit load and fuck it felt good.

    So body wise and age there are younger slimmer girls but Coco is very good value and really gets into it and is a very nice lady who loves fucking.


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