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24yo, 170cm, fair skin, she’s adorably playful and naturally sexy, new to industry 新下海


20yo, 160cm, B Cup, sensual passionate girl . Slim, young and beautiful with hot sexy manners, sweet pretty like a Barbie doll. Very simple and innocent personality, she provides first class skills and services.


Mild discipline轻度调教
Queen riding 女王乘骑
Discipline by sex toy 性玩具调教
Bondage 捆绑
Role play 角色扮演
Student 学生..teacher 教师.体扯.doctor 医生..nurse 護士
Dildo fuck ass 假阴具插肛.
Trampling 踩踏性器官
Rimming 愿明.舔肛
Facial 灰少.颜射
Snow and fire blowjob 冰火五重天
Footjob 脚交
Fishnets sitting face 絲襪坐面
Erotic spanking 打屁股