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soft gentle lady, busy: C, age:25, height: 155, yuki is very soft nice girl always satisfy what u like , sweet sex , deep Bbbj, slowly passionately take u in her mouth before a real hot sex start.


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  1. nignogdog
    nignogdog says:

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments : Decided to drop by again late at nigh and apparently Yuki was the only one available.

    She was very friendly and easy to talk to. After taking my shower she started with some DFK then slowly went down my neck, kissing and licking every part of my body, taking some extra time on my nipples before putting her breasts into my face to play and suck. Her tits look bigger than what it is because of her small frame but they look great. Awesome nipples to suck on too. She then went back to catbating before reaching my dick. A quick wipe down before some BBBJ. She doesn’t go too deep but shes damm amazing at it. Lots of suction and tongue action with special attention on the tip, which is always great. I had to stop her mid way as I was getting close to blowing my load right there. We then moved onto some DATY where I was going at it for couple minutes before she started breathing more heavily and began grinding on my face. Shes soaking wet now and after coming she was keen to return the favour again with some more BBBJ.
    I had to get her off of me again but this time we went straight to sex. We started with her being on top. Using the mirror placed right next to the bed, I had a great view as she rode my dick for a while. Changing position to missionary, we pumped away until I was done, collapsing onto the bed. She then joined me and lied there for maybe 30-1min before I realised shes fallen asleep. I alwkwardly stayed still for couple min before I accidentally fell asleep as well. By the time I woke up, we’ve passed out for a good 15min and it was 12:30am. I had to wake her up and then she apologised to me for falling asleep, which was not an issue for me. We both took a shower together and while I was changing she was taking her make up off and then walked me out when we realised everyone has left and the premise was completely dark.

  2. Nickrose
    Nickrose says:

    My walk-in punt at 350 was rewarded with a meeting with Yuki who greeted me as the next available. Cute little package, modestly dressed, busty with a petite curvy body and a pretty face. Her sweet, broad smile won me over immediately so no line up was requested and we headed for the front room above the Penshurst St entry.

    Yuki is cheerful and enthusiastic, offering dfk immediately so I agree to stay for 1 hr and head for the shower with anticipation building nicely.
    Yuki strips down to black lacy underwear and prepares the room. She unhooks the black bra and helps me to dry off. Smiles, compliments and kisses are sent my way as she strokes my hardening cock.

    We recline on the bed as I enjoy her sweet natural breasts gently licking her prominent nipples. Still smiling broadly, Yuki slides across my body, licking and kissing her way down to my cock and balls. She works her mouth and tongue around the head and shaft before gently taking me into her mouth.
    Yuki’s bbbj is great. Not deep but very wet and surprisingly soft with gentle suction and tongue work. The feeling and view of all this attention is very exciting and enhanced by our mutual view in the large mirror alongside the bed. No teeth from front on, no tissues, plenty of saliva and eye contact. As she comes up for air, Yuki slides her chest over my slippery cock to deliver some sloppy wet kisses with a giggle. This girl is great fun. She spends quite a bit of time spoiling me in this way and repeats the process a few times.

    I’m loving the edging but getting too close too soon so I get Yuki to swap places so I can return the favour with some slow daty.
    Yuki happily obliges, lies back on the pillow and spreads. Her hairy little pussy is only slightly trimmed but her small inner lips pout sweetly enabling easy access. Yuki gets wet quickly and grinds her clit against my tongue but she’s quite ticklish and sensitive, not willing to persist to an orgasm today which is unfortunate.

    Swapping again, Yuki resumes her excellent bbbj. This time from side on and it’s a little toothy at this angle but she certainly enjoys watching herself in the mirror.
    Yuki confirms that cim is an option and I’m very keen to follow through on that but equally keen to start fucking this cutie as well. Tough decision!

    We decide to fuck. Yuki, who has not stopped smiling since I arrived, happily rolls a condom onto my shaft and slides on in cg. It’s a snug fit and the pressure builds as Yuki enthusiastically works me Asian style. Again it’s too much too soon so I request she slows down and we get into a gentle grinding rhythm face to face. This is a really sweet gfe and allows me to last a little longer.

    Yuki is determined to finish me off and pushes me back down to resume her energetic cg while pressing down on my chest. I can’t resist any longer and release deep and satisfying as we stay locked together as the spasming subsides. I’m happy, Yuki is still smiling down at me, we’ve had a good session today.

    After a clean up and a quick shower Yuki offers to massage me for the remaining 10 mins. It’s more of a cheeky bodyslide than a therapeutic massage but I’m not complaining ! We chat briefly via translator app as we wind down. Yuki presently works at 350 on Sunday and Monday each week.
    Yuki is great company, cheerful, enthusiastic and eager to please. I’ve had a great time and plan to return soon.

  3. personaa
    personaa says:

    Person’s Name : Yuki

    Establishment : Chatswood 350

    Date of Visit : 28/4/19

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :
    Home – Club 350

    Phone : 9417 3298

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Age : late 20s

    Size/shape : Prettyish face, C-cups, trimmed, nice figure – big eyes

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided :,
    – DFK
    Value for money/recommend? I am happy and I have seen her number of times

    OK, I have seen Yuki 3-4 times and she has never disappointed me with her service. She is average height, C cubs natural, shaven and I find her quite attractive- and I think she is quite friendly. I didn’t ask for DATY, but on second visit she offered DFK which was really nice and added to the session. Foreplay and sex as usual in different positions. Followed by a massage. Overall a great value. I would definitely see her again


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