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shy and soft, bust: B . Height: 163, lily is shy soft young girl , need ur caring on bed More , she like listen to you as her boss , but in her dreams about hard sex


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  1. NickRose
    NickRose says:

    My experience/comments : In keeping with my commitment to new experiences based on this forum, Saturday afternoon saw me heading to 350 Chatswood for the first time. I called ahead but the names did not match any recent forum reviews so I arranged for a line up of available girls when I arrived.

    Chose Lily and followed her to the room. She presents very well. Curvy size 8, pretty face and sweet D cups wrapped in pink two piece lingerie.
    The room and en-suite shower is large and clean.
    Lily helps me to dry off and with some light kisses and touching sits me on the bed as she peels off her clothes. She’s lovely naked. Her gorgeous natural breasts, prominent pink nipples, flat tummy and a completely smooth pussy get plenty of my attention as she continues with light kisses while stroking my cock.

    We lie together making full use of the bed and I make my way slowly from her neck across her breasts and down to her pussy lips. Some gentle daty is rewarded with soft moans and increasing wetness as she slowly grinds against my tongue.
    I’m happy to stay in this position until she cums but Lily has other plans and encourages me to swap places so she can return the favour. Now I’m propped up on the pillow watching her sweet bbbj. Not deep but slow and gentle sucking and tongue swirling while cupping and stroking my balls. No tissues, no interruptions and plenty of drool. A classic, sweet gfe which suits me just fine.

    A condom is applied and Lily straddles me for cg entry. I’m really hard after all her attention she seems to appreciate this by riding right down my shaft and commencing a slow grind. Fortunately I distract myself by playing with her large swaying breasts as we get into a nice rhythm.
    A sudden stop hard up against my pubic bone and some tight pussy contractions suggest she might be cumming so I push up to finish myself off as she collapses onto my chest. This was a pleasant surprise for me and we stay locked together for a while as we calm down.
    Lily cleans me up after a little while and I’m spent. As her English is ok we chat a little. Turns out she’s new to the shop and just filling in this Saturday ( lucky me !) but likely to be rostered Thursdays and Fridays from now on.
    I’ve had a great experience at 350 and will likely return, especially to Lily again.
    Good value and recommended.

  2. khaldrogo
    khaldrogo says:

    My experience/comments : Lobbed into 350 for a round of punt lotto, mamasan Debbie on duty 1 girl available Lilly new to 350 2nd day. Immediate impressions are good attractive nice body nice smile ok english. Into the room overlooking penshurst st a light kiss and then into the shower.

    Out of the shower somemore Light kissing and fondling of breasts (great nipples) whilst lilly played with little drogo who was standing at full attention. Onto the bed where a light catbath was started and Lilly moved down for a BBBJ which started off tentatively but when Lilly swung around for 69 with no prompting and I began dining on her sweet pussy, were upon Lilly’s BBBJ became more enthusiastic. Technique was pretty good, plenty of saliva, no teeth and suction. It wasn’t long before I was on edge and asked lilly to disengage and lie on her back, some LFK before a catbath of my own paying attention to those great nipples on my way south. Lilys lovely pussy awaited and she was appreciative wrapping her legs around my shoulders and back and riding my face until she shuddered and came. We had a giggle, and some nice DFK before Lilly reached for. condom, on with he dom and then Lilly mounted me cowboy style and preceed to ride me, at the same time DFKing. Lilly was making all the right sounds but twas tiring so we switched to missionary some more DFK before building up a head of steam it wasn’t long before we were both close I blew my load but kept going for a short while until Lilly climaxed. I disengaged and flopped next to her on the bed spent. Lilly helped clean me up and came back for a cuddle and a kiss. There was still 10 minutes left, Lilly offerred a massage which was quite good, we had a decent conversation. Out here studying english, not going to school but working – massage around fairfield/cabramatta area and now FS at 350. Likes drinking beer. Massage was quite good. Time was up and we jumped in the shower together, Lilly helped wash me. Then out kiss on the cheek, out the back door.

    A good solid gfe session with a nice lady. I’ll be back to see her, having said that I have not seen her on the roster this week so who knows if Lilly will be back.


  3. jigibiri
    jigibiri says:

    Had another opportunity of afternoon off, so headed to 350 Chatty on the way home since I was near. This was my second time there, and I like the shop’s discrete location and lovely price.
    Walked in through the back door, greeted by Bill(?) the papasan, introduced me to Lucy as she was the nearest from the back entry. (I was aware of their system – whoever WL is up next gets the customer unless you book or ask for the line-up). i was going to ask for the line up but Lucy seemed ok when introduced so i went ahead. (maybe i was too far to see properly.)

    She goes, hi~, i take shower, she gets the bed ready then takes her shower. the usual routine.

    i was waiting for her, sitting at the side of bed, she joins me by walking up, showing me her tatt (i think it’s quite new), which looked nice and i could still feel the swelling of the lines.
    I checked/touched her tits and pussy, and we lied down.

    She was on top of me resting a bit and she felt heavier than she looked. (big bone?) then she started nipple suck and some cat-bath.

    When she got near my cock, she grabs a dom and said “suck?” i said ok, didn’t ask for BBBJ. (i usually takes whatever WL gives.)
    CBJ goes on with a bit of ball sucking. her CBJ was actually very good. it felt as good as BBBJ. so no complaint. She got me nearly pop so i stopped her.
    She asks “Suck? Fuck?”, hmm… i went “Fuck” then started from top (missionary). i was getting close pretty quick as she squeezed me tight with her muscle inside. So i pulled out, went for some DATY. She sounded like she enjoyed it but wanted me to go gentle when i was already so. i guess she didn’t want to come that time. Anyway, her pussy was dark in colour, had many layers and long lips, which i am not really a fan of. Before i lose my erection, i resume entering her. i had a bit of trouble getting in, but she helped me well so I could pump for a bit again then i filled the bag.

    Rested a bit on her, then lied on bed. She says “i massage you”. OK. She gave average massage for a bit then I turned on my back and asked “can you massage my cock?”, which she complied. This went on for a while and with about 10 min to go she tried to make me come the 2nd time. I really appreciated that she didn’t hesitate and helped me with oil and nice HJ.
    She even put my hand on her tit and played some FOAM for me. Speaking of her tits, i couldn’t see clearly due to dim light but I couldn’t feel her nipples. they are there on her tits but so flat or soft that you can’t feel them neither with your finger nor mouse.

    Anyway, now i am spent. took my shower and left.
    Oh, while i was getting dressed she said she works only on Tue and Wed, and asked me to book her next time. (will i? dunno.) And all comm were done via translation app.

  4. sexercisor2230
    sexercisor2230 says:

    Person’s Name : Lilly
    Establishment : 350 Chatswood
    Date of Visit : Friday 11th November 2022
    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 350 Penshurst st
    Hours of Business : 10am – late
    Rates : 30mins / $100
    Age : late 30s
    size/shape : slim build. Nice tits
    Nationality or Ethnicity : Singapore
    Services Provided : FS BBBJ CIM
    value for money/recommend? : Yes
    attended this place for first time and saw lilly. She was dressed in short tartan skirt. I had quick shower and she was undress ready to go. I got her to keep her mini skirt on .

    First up bbbj. She took me in well. Only criticism is bit toothy. I got to hold her head and drill her mouth. Next up she covered me up n time for main act. She was tight and I had to pace myself in missionary. Soon change to doggy and took some hard pounding. We changed to her riding me for a while.

    I was close to finishing and she took condom off n sucked me to completion. She took my load in her mouth. She later moved away and spat my load into tissue without any fuss

    Showered and left happy


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