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Lucy is a petite asian cougar, 160cm, busty & adventurous this girl from Asia will teach you a thing or two.


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  1. jigibiri
    jigibiri says:

    Person’s Name : Lucy

    Establishment : 350 Chatswood

    Date of Visit : 8/1/20 (afternoon)

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Chatswood Brothel & Adult Sex Full Service | Chatswood 350

    Phone : 9417 3298

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $100/45min

    Age : she said 21, but i think maybe late 20’s

    Size/shape : ok face (sign of surgery here and there), curvy figure (not fat but fit and heavy side), nice D-cups (not sure if those were enhanced, felt natural) with strange nipples, nice round bum, fully shaved, big & colourful phoenix tatt on lower belly

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese (with 0 English)

    Services Provided : CBJ, DATY, FS, HJ

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes for the shop & price, and her service, but no for her appearance. (note: YMMV)

    My experience/comments :
    Had another opportunity of afternoon off, so headed to 350 Chatty on the way home since I was near. This was my second time there, and I like the shop’s discrete location and lovely price.
    Walked in through the back door, greeted by Bill(?) the papasan, introduced me to Lucy as she was the nearest from the back entry. (I was aware of their system – whoever WL is up next gets the customer unless you book or ask for the line-up). i was going to ask for the line up but Lucy seemed ok when introduced so i went ahead. (maybe i was too far to see properly.)

    She goes, hi~, i take shower, she gets the bed ready then takes her shower. the usual routine.

    i was waiting for her, sitting at the side of bed, she joins me by walking up, showing me her tatt (i think it’s quite new), which looked nice and i could still feel the swelling of the lines.
    I checked/touched her tits and pussy, and we lied down.

    She was on top of me resting a bit and she felt heavier than she looked. (big bone?) then she started nipple suck and some cat-bath.

    When she got near my cock, she grabs a dom and said “suck?” i said ok, didn’t ask for BBBJ. (i usually takes whatever WL gives.)
    CBJ goes on with a bit of ball sucking. her CBJ was actually very good. it felt as good as BBBJ. so no complaint. She got me nearly pop so i stopped her.
    She asks “Suck? Fuck?”, hmm… i went “Fuck” then started from top (missionary). i was getting close pretty quick as she squeezed me tight with her muscle inside. So i pulled out, went for some DATY. She sounded like she enjoyed it but wanted me to go gentle when i was already so. i guess she didn’t want to come that time. Anyway, her pussy was dark in colour, had many layers and long lips, which i am not really a fan of. Before i lose my erection, i resume entering her. i had a bit of trouble getting in, but she helped me well so I could pump for a bit again then i filled the bag.

    Rested a bit on her, then lied on bed. She says “i massage you”. OK. She gave average massage for a bit then I turned on my back and asked “can you massage my cock?”, which she complied. This went on for a while and with about 10 min to go she tried to make me come the 2nd time. I really appreciated that she didn’t hesitate and helped me with oil and nice HJ.
    She even put my hand on her tit and played some FOAM for me. Speaking of her tits, i couldn’t see clearly due to dim light but I couldn’t feel her nipples. they are there on her tits but so flat or soft that you can’t feel them neither with your finger nor mouse.

    Anyway, now i am spent. took my shower and left.
    Oh, while i was getting dressed she said she works only on Tue and Wed, and asked me to book her next time. (will i? dunno.) And all comm were done via translation app.


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