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24 years old, E cup , happy girl , like play enjoy playing, tiny body , soft breast touch all over ur boby, deep slowly Bbbj hot sex forever


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  1. Nickrose
    Nickrose says:

    My experience/comments : Decided on another random Friday punt at 350 after brief consideration of their roster. Friendly welcome from Bill who’s happy to recommend Coco for my session and lead me to the large room close to the rear entrance. I’m impressed with Coco. She’s very petite and well presented in a black dress and high heels and greets me with a big toothy smile and a light kiss. I’m happy to spend an hour with this little cutie.

    I watch her strip while I shower and my anticipation builds as she removes her dress, black lingerie and heels. She’s kneeling on the bed as I join her for some dfk while hugging her close. Naked minus heels Coco is small. About 150cm, cute B cup breasts, prominent dark nipples and a neatly trimmed pussy. A cute butt and a small tummy roll complete her classic young Chinese milfy figure but her big eyes, toothy smile and pretty facial features have a vaguely Japanese look which I find very sexy.

    Hugs, kisses and roaming hands continue our foreplay on the bed. Coco lightly strokes my shaft and balls as I kiss her lips, neck, breasts and nipples. Her breasts are exceptionally soft and get plenty of my attention. Sweet, encouraging murmurs from Coco heighten our experience and I’m impressed at such a good connection developing at our first meeting.

    From side on Coco kisses and nibbles her way down my chest and lightly licks and sucks my shaft and balls before lifting her leg over my chest to position her pussy perfectly above my face. The 69 position allows Coco to swallow my cock with some sweet tongue swirls as she presses her pussy into my tongue. She is the perfect size for me in 69 and access to her small inner lips and clit is relaxed and comfortable.
    Coco decides to move on from sweet mutual oral and positions herself between my legs for some more enthusiastic oral on me. In this position Coco is wonderful with her skilful bbbj. No teeth, no tissues, ball massaging and a series of deep and shallow swirls gets very me close to release.

    To slow down I encourage Coco to pause for some sloppy dfk as I lift her up onto my face for more daty. With her hands pressed against the bed head mirror she grinds against my tongue and with lips curling and murmurs she shudders into a quiet climax.
    With another sweet smile Coco resumes her excellent bbbj once more. The visual impact of her reflection in the large bedside mirror, her wicked eye contact, vaguely Japanese features and broad smile as she periodically comes up for air is so good my mind races towards a cim finish. is on my mind !
    Although her English is not great and we’ve hardly spoken during the session Coco confirms cim is an option and I am delighted !

    Better yet, the brief pause has given me a chance to regain enough composure to roll on a condom and allow Coco to mount me in cg. Once again Coco delivers great service and seems to enjoy deep penetration. With a second wind and my determination to persist to a cim finish afterwards, we cycle through Asian, reverse, slow grind back and forth and a great circular grinding cg with her hands pressing down on my chest while I reach up to fondle her soft breasts again.

    After removing the condom and a brief wipe down, Coco cups my balls, grips my shaft and starts sucking her way down the length of my cock. No holding back this time as I unload intensely into her mouth to the last drop for a great cim finale. Coco looks pretty pleased with her efforts and gives me another cheeky smile as she hops off for a quick clean up. I’m really spent but Coco quickly returns to assist my recovery by lightly massaging my back and neck. Seriously, not a minute wasted with this girl.

    Some quick chat via our translation app reveals that she’s from Chengdu, has been at 350 for about 2 months and is currently rostered on Wed, Thur and Fri. The black and white pic of her on the website is a reasonable likeness but I think she’s much cuter in person.
    I’ve had a great session with Coco. She’s sexy, cheerful and has a great service attitude. I’ll be visiting her again soon.


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