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hot happy girl. Bust:D, age:27, height:160,Jenny is very very good English so so sweet , laugh always, taking deep in her month passionately sex


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  1. khaldrogo
    khaldrogo says:

    My experience/comments : Was in the area on Thursday arvo so decided to make visit somewhere new. Parked on Kooringa Rd where there was plenty of 2p parking and walked to the next street Stirling Lane where the back entrance to Club 350 is, up the steps and rang the door bell. Was met by an attractive busty young lady she ushered me into her room, I asked to see the lineup, moved to another small room and each of the other 3 girls came to introduce themselves. Orange, Nancy (I think) and lastly Jenny – Jenny caught my eye with her nice face and body as well as her friendly disposition, so when she asked who did I want to choose I said her. Big smile and come with me. Into the room there is a double and a single – the single has a heap of stuff on it. Hand over 100 for 45 minutes, Jenny exits and returns with a couple of new towels. The shower is clean, I hop in, a phone rings seems like Jenny is on the phones this afternoon and is explaining the line up to a potential punter. Out of the shower, Jenny hands me the towel comes over gives me a light kiss and grabs my cock for a stroke. She jumps in and has a quick wash. Jenny’s super sexy to me, slim, good looking, long wavy black hair, natural b/c cups that hang nicely, a belly button ring thing and nicely trimmed bush. Out of the shower she has a quick dry and then over to me for some more kissing, I play with those nice tit’s nice and soft beautiful nipples she gives my nipples a suck and then we move onto the bed.

    We lie down Jenny begins a cat bath and moves down to little drogo who’s rock hard and horny as hell. She asks condom suck – no thanks so after a wipe of little drogo to remove excess pre cum she takes a swig out of her water bottle and begins a BBBJ which is great, no hint of teeth and good eye contact – she winks at me, after a while she spits the water out and then moves down to my balls gives them a good lick and suck and then back to more BBBJ after quite a few minutes, she moves her body around into 69 position where I get to taste her beautiful pussy, doesn’t it taste nice, she’s quite wet, as I begin work on her clit she picks up pace with the BBBJ it’s great, there’s a few moans/groans with my cock in her mouth which sounds great. After a while I’m getting close so I ask to get off and I tell her I’m going to lick her pussy. She get’s on her back and spreads her legs, giving me unfettered access to that picture perfect pussy, nicely trimmed bush above the clitoral hood, waxed/shaved everywhere else. Jenny’s pussy tastes as good as it looks and she is immediately receptive my tongue goes to work while my hands are playing with those soft tits of hers. She begins muttering and arching her back and locks her legs around my head, I press on and she responds by moaning and bucking, quivering I tease her a little more before coming up for air, she is very, very wet. She passes me some tissues and says I should charger her. I tell her I’d like to do that all day, she asks if my tongues tired – not at all, she says now it’s my turn. She quickly washes herself with water from her drink bottle then back onto the bed get’s a condom ready to go and starts to give me another BBBJ, after a few minutes Jenny tells me she’s going to fuck me.

    On goes the dom, some lube is applied and Jenny slowly lowers herself onto me cowboy, so I can see her gorgeous tits and face she takes all of me and then contracts her pussy – nice, she begins riding slowly every downbeat she pauses and I can feel her pussy working it’s great, she speeds up and arches her back so that her tits are swaying, she looks so damn fine. After a few more minutes she hops off and I ask her what position missionary or doggy, she says either, doggy fantastic, I enter her and quickly build up a head of steam, she’s quite vocal and looking at her in the mirror enjoying herself and those tits swaying has me close another minute or 2 and I blow my load into the bag. Jenny cleans me up, it’s almost time so I jump in the shower, out of the shower and Jenny jumps in once she’s out we have a quick chat, she says she’s from SGP been here for about a year and works at club 350 3 days a week. Once dressed a kiss on the lips thanks me for coming and escorts me to the rear door and tells me to have a good one. I exit down the steps and out into the back lane.

    As you can probably tell I found Jenny to be super sexy and fun as always YMMV and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I walked out of there a happy man. Club 350 itself seems to have good talent and is clean and value for money. I’ll be back.


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